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Hancock County Solid Waste

Management District (HCSWMD)


The Hancock County Solid Waste Management District was formed in response to mandates established by House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1240.  The HCSWMD was established in the summer of 2002.  The HCSWMD manages and addresses the issues concerning Hancock County’s waste needs by proactively reducing the amount of waste going to final disposal (landfills and incinerators) through education, source reduction, reuse, and recycling.  We are supervised by a board of locally elected officials, managed by highly professional staff members working toward the common goal of reducing the solid waste disposed of in Hancock County.


As highlighted in the Annual Report, the scope and direction of the District’s programming is wide and varied and includes a number of programs designed to not only reduce the amount of waste generated in Hancock County, but to also reduce the environmental impact of solid waste disposal, ultimately, addressing these issues at the least cost to county taxpayers.


2013 Annual Report


SB131 Report



Hancock County Solid Waste Management District operates in conjunction with Purdue Extension—Hancock County.  The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service is an Affirmative Action,           Equal access/equal opportunity institution.

April 19 –26, 2014


Earth Week Recycle Event



At Participating Businesses  - More information on the Event tab.



April 26, 2014


Drug Toss





Town Hall

11501 E. Washington St.



April 26, 2014


Drug Toss





Medical Offices

Behind Hospital

300 E. Boyd



April 26, 2014


Collection Event





671 S. Meridian Rd.